Monday, September 12, 2011

Who Finds That Widget A Tad Annoying?

When you go onto Booklopedia, and have your volume blasted all the way up, do you guys ever find the countdown widget for Silence annoying?  It's definitely gorgeous and I love how it's so animated and cool, but it always makes that ocean sound that gets kind of annoying, and if you have your volume all the way up, it just totally freaks you out when it's blasting out of your speakers.  I want to keep it but I'll totally get rid of it if it's getting on your nerves or almost causing you to almost have a heart attack!

Just comment below if you don't like widgets that have sounds that you can't turn off, then I definitely won't put them on anymore, no matter how beautiful they may be!  Or, if you know a way to turn the sound off, that would be totally cool too :)

Cleo :)


  1. I find it really ironic that you said this since your blog has the widget for Silence which makes ocean noises. Hahaha. To tell you the truth whenever one of those widget noises pops up I basically roll my eyes and mute my computer.... But yeah I find it a tad annoying. :)

  2. I guess it is pretty ironic... But it's just really pretty and I have a hard time parting with pretty things! But, I guess I'll have to take it off. If only they didn't have to put that annoying ocean noise!!


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