Saturday, November 13, 2010

Today's Adventures!

Okay so today we celebrated miss Cleo's birthday because it was the only weekend available for the both of us, and guess who we met today?


(Yes, the author of Fallen, Torment, and coming soon PASSION!)

She was visiting a local bookstore near Cleo's home and it was really fun. She gave us some info on the upcoming book Passion and we also found out that.....THERE'S GOING TO BE A FOURTH BOOK! We found out the last book is to be called Rapture! So exciting, very exciting! :D

Besides...who else has been wondering about the beautiful covers of her books? Well we finally found out that the designer of the cover is.... THE GIRL ON THE FRONT COVER! You think I'm joking? THINK AGAIN! The beautiful girl in black on the front cover of Fallen and Torment is both the photographer and model. She takes these beautiful photos and then Photoshop's the beautiful background. Lauren Kate says she will most likely be the model for all four books. If you want to see more of her work:

 This is her deviant art gallery website.

Cleo's mother also might have mentioned...(while Cleo and I were hiding due to embarassment) to Mrs. Kate that we had a book blog called Booklopedia and that we had written reviews on her books. The awesome part...Lauren Kate said she thought that was awesome and asked for the website address so she could check us out for herself! She truly cares about her fans and we here at Booklopedia would just like to thank her for writing such beautiful books!

XoXo~ Baylee and Cleo!


  1. That's amazing, and what insider's scoop you got!

  2. Yes! Hopefully more to come!

  3. This is so cool! Can't believe you got to meet her :-) I think she is a cool writer

  4. I. AM. JEALOUS. :P u lucky ducks~! thats freaking AWESOME. LOVE YOU TWO FRREAKING AMAZING BLOGGERS :D so wished i lived in CA with u guys! miss you two! <3 :D


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