Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Help Me Decide!

Hi everyone!!

So, ever since I've started this blog back in August, I've come to realize that I haven't read SOOO many of the popular series/books like Harry Potter, or even any of Sarah Dessen's books. I have decided that next year, 2011, I'm going read (or attempt to read) the whole entire series/books that you guys choose :D Sound like a good idea?

Here's the list:
  • Harry Potter by JK Rowling (I know, you guys must think I'm crazy...)
  • All the books by Sarah Dessen
  • Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard
  • The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot
  • Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
I know, you guys are probably shocked, right?  Well, basically I haven't touched any of these books.  Except for the first Harry Potter book which I never finished, BUT! I'm ready to try the series again if that has the most votes :D  I've also read the first two books of the Vampire Academy series, but stopped.  I'm also willing to restart that series again too :)

So, to vote, just comment on this post by December 31st!  Also, just choose ONE!

Cleo :)


  1. Haha well I've never read Harry Potter either so you're not alone! In fact the only thing on that list that I have read are Sarah Dessens books. Ummmm so I've gotta go with Sarah Dessen. :)

  2. I haven't read any of them, except for the first five Harry Potters, after which it got pretty boring...
    I'd say Pretty Little Liars, though you don't have to read what everyone else has read!
    An awesome book you *should* read would be Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly, which I'm reading now. And the first 2 books of The Maze Runner trilogy - totally epic :D

  3. Thanks for voting Julia and Hafsah!

    Hafsah: It's not that I feel like I have to read what other people have read, I just feel like I haven't really read the books that people have said are really good. I guess that this is sort of like me catching up on some good books :D Revolution has been on my wishlist forever! Have you read A Northern Light by the same author? I LOVED that book so I was excited that she was coming out with another one... I just haven't had the chance to pick it up yet! And I've heard a lot about The Maze Runner trilogy and it sounds really good. I think I'll have to give it a try :)

  4. Oh...you have to read Harry Potter. It's such a cultural phenomenon that I think people miss out if they don't read them. That's my vote.
    Otherwise, I'd say Sarah Dessen b/c I've never read her either and I'd like to.

  5. My gosh you have to read Harry Potter!

    I didn't love The Princess Diaries. I thought The Mediator series by Cabot was really great though. Not as popular because it doesn't have a movie, but so much better (and Jesse, well, he's just awesome).

  6. Harry Potter, for sure. They are amazing, books! And if you read them, then you should watch the movie, too!

  7. I want to read the series Vampire Academy too!! My students rave about it. I read the first one and put it down but am willing to start the series again. Perhaps we could encourage one another!! Vampire Academy is my vote!

  8. Thanks you guys for all voting!

    Aylee: Yes, I think I do know where your vote lies :D

    Athena Reader: It's funny because I've seen all the Harry Potter movies, but never really got into reading them. The movies are great though... I still have to see the latest one that came out!

    Joyce: That's a great idea! We could encourage each other if I get back to reading it. I'll definitely let you know if I do!

  9. I love love love the harry potter series!
    and The Princess Diaries.
    i read them back in 8th grade.. but i don't think i read the last book :(


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