Friday, December 10, 2010

Cleo's Mini Review: Shiver & Linger

As some of you may or may not know, there are three of us that write on this blog and sometimes we really want to write about a book that we've read, but has already been written about!  So we do mini reviews :)

Baylee has already written a review on both Shiver & Linger which you can see if you want the full reviews!

What can I say about Shiver and Linger... They're both amazingly good!  I loved Shiver A LOT and couldn't wait until Linger came out.  I got so angry over the fact that Baylee got her hands on Linger first because Barnes & Nobles released it early and I pre-ordered mine from Amazon and it didn't come till after the release date because they weren't "notified" or something about the changed released date.  Enough of me rambling, now let's move on. 

Shiver definitely caught my attention and really captivated me!  I loved the voice that Stiefvater used in each of the books because it just seemed so calm, but not boring.  Although, at one point, I think that I started to loose a little bit of interest while reading Linger and it took me a little longer than usual to finish... I really don't know why but I think the reason was because I personally don't think that a lot really happened, and you know how they switch off between points of views, right?  Well, I found myself way more interested in Cole's part of the story, probably since he's a new wolf and he had this really interesting background story.  Sam and Grace actually kind of lost my attention... Until the end, which leaves you on a pretty BIG (and I mean HUGE!) and shocking cliffhanger!!!  It definitely left me wanting more and now, I'm sitting here waiting for Forever, the final book, to come out. 

Cleo :)

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