Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: Flipped

Title: Flipped
Author: Wendelin Van Draanen
Date Released: October 1, 2001
Pages: 212
Rating: 5 out of 5

Description: When Julianna "Juli" Baker meets Bryce Loski at the beginning of second grade, she knows it's love, but Bryce isn't so sure, especially as her obsession with him grows and she stalks him throughout his school years. This story is told alternatively by sarcastic Bryce and spunky Juli, each with their distinct views on the story of themselves; they take you from the first moment they met to junior high, where one flip changes everything. Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen is a book about first love, the troubles Bryce and Juli face, and the hilarious misconceptions that transpire between them.

Review: This. Book. Was. So. Cute. Period.
Yeah, maybe some may think it's targeted for younger kids, but I thought it was one of those timeless books that anyone could enjoy. Not only is there humor, childish pranks, and (of course) obsessive girl crushes (we've all had them at some point! ;) but on another level, this book can also address seeing through new eyes, on what values really matter in life, morality, and breaking free on what you may think restricts you.

From the start, it was really interesting seeing two wholly different perspectives on the same events, especially since their characters were so contradicting of each other at first. It intriguing seeing how one character would remember certain details of the same events that the other would simply bypass with a few words. The events that happen are so unique and yet familiar in that "oh-my-neighbor-would-do-that" way. Bryce seemed normal from his point of view, but throughout the book, you'd kinda realize he was a bit cocky, a bit prideful, and a bit of, well, a jerk. Julie, on the other hand, seemed crazy, eccentric, and obsessive in Bryce's eyes at first, but through her narration, you got the impression she was empathetic, kind, and spunky.

And then...there's the flip. Let's just say, it doesn't start with the chicken, but with the egg. You'll have to read the book to figure out what I mean xD Anyway, from that point, the novel just picks up the pace, and the ending quickly descends on you. I wasn't satisfied with the ending - it didn't close enough for me and I wanted MORE! But it let you imagine and think of what would end up happening...I wish there was a sequel! :O

While, there isn't a sequel, there is a movie that apparantly came out last year! Isn't it adorable? I saw the trailer and it looked pretty good. Bryce looked cute :) I'd definitely recommend Flipped to anyone - check it out!

Cover Review: It was the cover of this book that initially caught my eye. It was so simple, with the chick flipped upside down. Plus it was a really cute chick, so you know...xD

keep on reading, fellow book geeks!



  1. I ADORE THIS BOOK!!! I know exactly what you meant by it being timeless. I mean the book is set in the modern day and they made the movie to be back in the 60's. Timeless? Yes. The movie is just as good as the book so you definitely should take the time to watch it! :)

  2. lol yeah i noticed that from the trailer! it looked really cute xD and i'll take your word for it - when movies live up to the books it makes them sooo much better :D


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