Friday, June 10, 2011

I just came to say hello! (:

Hello everyone! 

Okay so I know I have been gone and haven't posted anything in like a million years, so I'd like to give props to Cleo for running things so smoothly! 
My end of the year was quite stressful. Note to self: never ever take AP classes because I think I lost two years of my youth just stressing over them. 
But now that Cleo is going back to China (without me unfortunately!) I felt I should make an effort to get myself back in the blogging game! 
I was supposed to go with her originally but it wasn't working out. Stupid summer school. If my school had let me take Spanish 1 when I was a freshmen we wouldn't be having this problem. D: <--- pouty face.

So yea I have to waste my summer taking another course while Cleo gets to go back to China. 
But that means until she can get her proxy to work, I'll be on the blog more than ever because I've been so lacking. 
I'm posting under my account but I'll probably have to switch to cleo's sometimes in order to make tweaks to the site.

I hope everyone is having a GREAT summer

I have a lot of writing to do so keep checking in for new posts!!!

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