Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just a Heads Up

Today, I'm leaving for China to see relatives and celebrate my grandpa's 90th birthday!  Woo hoo!!  I'm definitely excited.  But, I just realized that Blogger doesn't work in China, because China blocked it (they also blocked Facebook as well, and Youtube... I'm definitely not happy with that either).  So, when I land in China, which will be on the 11th (I know, I get to skip a whole day *jumps up and down*), I'm going to try my hardest to try and get Blogger to work because I know that there are mystical ways *cue mystical music* Hahaha, maybe not mystical, but there are ways, and I just have to figure it out!

Hope you guys have an awesome book filled day!

Cleo :)

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