Saturday, October 23, 2010

Supernatural: Live Free or Twihard

*This is just me rambling about last night's episode of Supernatural*
So, my favorite TV show in the world is Supernatural (starring the awesome Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki).  And last night it was on and I thought that it was funny how they tried to tie in Twilight (hence "Twihard" in the episode title) and the whole vampire craze.  Somehow, I knew that one day they'd try and do this with the whole Twilight/vampire craze. 

It was also funny how there was this one girl, named Kristen (Kristen Stewart? Get it?), was completely obsessed with this vampire novel and the characters in it.  It was called something along the lines of Summer Blood? Or something like that...  And then Dean comments on the cover of the book which I would say, but its kind of inappropriate ;)  The girls room also had a gothic theme, with posters and life-size cutouts of Robert... Or whatever the character in the book's name is.  Also, there was this vampire guy, and his name was Robert (Hahaha Robert Pattinson), but let me say, he kind of looked like Robert Pattinson but waaaay hotter.  If they ever make a remake of Twilight, they should cast him as Edward hehe :D

I don't think that I'll really be writing more... I guess you could call them reviews? or ramblings?, on TV shows/episodes, but I just wanted to point this out, and it is book related ;)  Basically, this was just me rambling on about the funniness of this episode and how its related to the whole Twilight/vampire craze.  Although this was funny, it totally got serious half way through and it's not really about Twilight.  Just a warning :D

From the girl who loves Supernatural and used to have Supernatural marathons,
Cleo :)

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  1. Supernatural is awesome! I caught this episode too. The men are way yummier than in Twilight (granted this show is for adults not YA but still!)


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