Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Button Contest @ Ashley's Bookshelf!

Ashley at Ashley's Bookshelf is currently getting read for what I think is going to be a pretty big giveaway (you can see some of the things that she's planning to giveaway in her giveaway).  One of the things she needs is an awesome button to promote it!  If you make one (or 2, or 3... maybe even 4), you can enter it here!  And she'll choose the one that she likes the most and that person will win 20 extra points (for the giveaway) and a bunch of swag and goodies!!!  If you don't win, but still entered, you'll get some swag too for participating :)  Also, this ends on the 23rd of October!

I made some buttons... and I don't know if they're that good... and I've never really tried making a button before and don't know how... so this is my first time.  But I hope that she likes them and that they're sort of awesome!  As you can see, most of them have a birthday cake theme... they're making me hungry right now!

Hahaha I made 5!! I kind of got carried away... :)  Hope you like them Ashley!  And Happy Early Birthday!!!

Cleo :)

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  1. Thanks Cleo! They are amazing! This is going to be a hard decision!


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