Monday, October 4, 2010

Cleo's Mini Review: Catching Fire

Maybe some of you guys haven't heard yet... but here we're doing Mini Reviews since there are three of us who sometimes read the same books and really want to get our opinion out even though one of us has already written a review on that book.  I hope that made sense... 
MarMar already wrote a review for Catching Fire, which you can read here if you want :)

This is probably what everyone else thinks, who's read The Hunger Games:  WHY DOES THIS SERIES HAVE TO BE SO GOOD???  As you can tell, I thought it was great!! Maybe not as good as The Hunger Games, but the plot totally captivated me!!  There's something about this series that just captivates you and makes you want to read more.  I had to stop myself from reading further so I can go do my homework... it kind of became a problem...  But it was totally worth it!  I didn't think it was as good as The Hunger Games because I felt that maybe a little too much happened, but it was great overall :)  I really want Mockingjay right now... Oh, and I'm still Team Peeta!

Cleo :)

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