Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 1: Your Faction

According to the Facebook Divergent quiz, I am in

Which pretty much makes sense.  I'm like the dorkiest person on Earth and I kinda like school (when it's pretty easy and there's nothing to stress about).  I honestly can't be in Dauntless, no matter how cool I think it would be. I'm not all that selfless like the Abnegation, and I'm not completely honest all the time like the Candor.  Amity could be an option though because I'm definitely one for peace and being green :D

If you've done the Faction quiz, which faction are you in?

Cleo :)


  1. I think I'd be in Erudite too... as cool as I think Dauntless is as well, I'm just definitely not cut out for it, I couldn't be all selfless or all honest enough to be in Abnegation or Candor, but I think Amity could be a possibility too because all that friendliness and peace sounds good too :)

    I really want to take the faction quiz to find out, but I don't have a Facebook account yet! So I need to make one soon!! :)

  2. I still haven't read Divergent, my copy is waiting for me, but the test said Amity. I don't really know what it is, but I guess I could find myself in it :) From all the others, I'd choose Erudite too. Enjoy learning new things, try to understand everything, yeah. Perhaps that's even more my thing thann Amity :)


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