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Review: Once in a Full Moon

Title: Once in a Full Moon
Author: Ellen Schreiber
Date Released: December 28th, 2010
Pages: 292
Rating: 3 out of 5

Beware of a kiss under the full moon. It will change your life forever.

Celeste Parker is used to hearing scary stories about werewolves—Legend's Run is famous for them. She's used to everything in the small town until Brandon Maddox moves to Legend's Run and Celeste finds herself immediately drawn to the handsome new student. But when, after an unnerving visit with a psychic, she encounters a pack of wolves and gorgeous, enigmatic Brandon, she must discover whether his transformation is more than legend or just a trick of the shadows in the moonlight.

Her best friends may never forgive her if she gives up her perfect boyfriend, Nash, for Brandon, who's from the wrong side of town. But she can't deny her attraction or the strong pull he has on her. Brandon may be Celeste's hero, or he may be the most dangerous creature she could encounter in the woods of Legend's Run.

Psychic predictions, generations-old secrets, a town divided, and the possibility of falling in love with a hot and heroic werewolf are the perfect formula for what happens . . . once in a full moon.

In Once in a Full Moon, main character Celeste lives in Legend's Run, where there is a legend about a werewolf that used to live there a long time ago.  The legend says that a man was trying to get back his newborn son from a pack of wolves, and in the process, while trying to fight him off, he was basically mutilated pretty badly through all the wolves' bites.  And all this happened under a full  moon, resulting in the formation of a werewolf. 

Celeste already has a boyfriend, Nash, whom I disliked from the beginning because he's pretty selfish and is a coward, but she starts falling head over heels for new comer and outcast, Brandon.  This attraction all started when she got lost in a snowstorm in the middle of a forest, and Brandon randomly came to the rescue.  From then on, her attraction to him slowly grows stronger and stronger, until she feels that she has to be with him every second of the day.

That was basically Once in a Full Moon, in a not-so-much-of-a-nutshell.  And overall, I thought this book was okay.  I enjoyed it, but it sort of lacked a uniqueness.  It captivated me, and was definitely cute and romantic, but it was also a bit cheesy at times.  I think it might have been some of the dialogue that made it cheesy.

Celeste also annoyed me as well.  She knew Nash wasn't the right guy for her, and you could clearly see it through the way he acted, so why stay with him from the beginning?  When she started falling madly in love with Brandon, that kind of got annoying, too, because it got to the point where almost everything was about how she missed him and couldn't stand to be away from him.  Celeste was a kind character, compared to her friends, but she would get quite annoying.  Brandon seemed like the only cool, calm, and collected guy in this book that I actually liked.  Unless he has long hair because I'm not really a fan of guys with long hair (I know, that's mean), and the description of him kind of sounded like he had long hair.  Maybe he wasn't exactly calm and collected because who would be if they realized that they're now a werewolf?

I don't think that I'm the biggest fan of Once in a Full Moon.  Some aspects of it were good, but others were not so great.  At this point, I'm not so sure if I'd read the sequel, because even though it does leave you with a surprise at the end, it was still only okay.

Cover Review:
Even if I didn't really like the book as much as I wanted to, I still loooooove the cover.   I think it's gorgeous, with the girl as the main focus.  The tree silhouettes are really pretty, too, and so is the font for the title, which is simple, but makes it look more modern.
Cleo :)

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