Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mini Challenge: Teams

You don't even know how much I love this mini challenge!  This mini challenge is brought to you by Princess Bookie for her Contest Craze event.

Basically, in this challenge, I have to explain why I'm on a certain team for a book, TV show, movie, etc.  Just to let you know, I have like millions, because of course there are like 20 million love triangles in this world.  Of course, that's an exaggeration, but it could be something close to that ;)

Today, I think I'm going to do Team Ren vs. Team Shay from Nightshade by Andrea Cremer.

And do you wanna know which team I'm on?

Team Ren 

Yep, Team Ren all the way *sigh*  I chose this team because it's extremely unusual for me to go for the underdog (ex. I'm also Team Ash and Team Peeta, and both of them are NOT underdogs in anyway, and they both get the girl because everyone knows that they're perfect for eachother ;) ).  For some reason, I just really pity Ren.  In the beginning, he sort of comes off as an arrogant person, who only really cares for himself, and as a player...  But as the book progresses, you start to realize that he has sincere feelings for Calla, and really cares for her,  but instead of Calla falling for Ren, she falls for Shay.  When you come to this realization, you just can't help but feel bad for Ren, because you see him completely change into a different person.  But who knows, maybe my mind might change when I read Wolfsbane or maybe not... :D

Cleo :)

*Thank you soooooo much Lucia for catching my mistake about Shay!


  1. Is Sage supposed to by Shay?

    Oh and yes to TEAM ASH and TEAM REN but I'm TEAM GALE. :)

  2. OH! yeah. Hahaha I think I got confused with something else. Thanks for catching my mistake!


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