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Review: Logic of Demons - The Quest for Nadine's Soul

Title: Logic of Demons - The Quest for Nadine's Soul
Author: H.A. Goodman
Date Released: July 13, 2010
Pages: 262
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

What would you do if the love of your life was murdered by a deranged killer? Would you become a vigilante and seek retribution? And would this revenge affect those you care for in the afterlife? LOGIC OF DEMONS The Quest for Nadine's Soul takes you on a journey inside the psyches of men and women forced to deal with the spiritual consequences of their decisions. Through the lives of a demon, two Angels, and a mysterious teenage girl, a plethora of politically and socially relevant issues ranging from the roots of genocide and sex trafficking to child conscription and religious fundamentalism are addressed in this fantasy thriller. Life as well as the afterlife converge in this novel to explain certain peculiarities of the human condition. Whether you are God fearing individual or an atheist, LOGIC OF DEMONS The Quest for Nadine's Soul addresses moral and theological issues of interest for people of all backgrounds.


Mr. Goodman requested me to read this book a while ago but I didn't have the time so I apologize for the delay. But once I picked up this book it captured my attention instantly. Goodman addresses controversial topics of good and evil along with religion in this book, and it sucks you in. It really makes you think what your perspective is on the world: what's right and what's wrong, what YOU should believe in. It proves to you how maybe good and evil isn't always in black and white, and how the right thing to do isn't always clear, but you find a way. The complicating settings and concepts make your mind turn, and I loved that. Devin's adventure in the afterlife is thrilling and shows you the darkness in our world, while at the same time showing what hope there also is out there. I gave the book a 4.5 because I think if it had more substance it could've been all the much better, plus the wording in places was a little funky, but that may just be me. The concept is amazing, the story enthralling, and it really is inspiring. Definitely check it out.

Cover Review: The cover is of Devin with a pained expression and flames in the background. I think the model on the cover is a good impression of Devin's character, but i think theres a lot more concepts of artwork that also could be put into the cover. However i do like it :)

keep reading folks!

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