Monday, February 14, 2011

Cover Crazy (13)

Cover Crazy is a weekly meme that was created by Tawni over at The Book Worms to show which cover(s) you are absolutely going crazy over!

This week, I'm absolutely in love with the cover for Possession by Elana Johnson!
Here's why I love it:
  • I really love the simplicity.  The one object in the middle of the cover really catches your eye.
  • It's really cool how the butterfly in the ice cube (or at least I think it's an ice cube...) on the cover is really symbolic of the story, even though I haven't read it yet. (Read the description to see why)  You actually don't even have to read the description.  Just look at the title, it explains it all.
  • I really like the color palate that the cover artist chose.  The green and the blue are really pretty colors and really pop out against the white background.
I totally can't wait until June for Possession's release... It sounds (and looks!) like a really good book!

Do you guys like this cover?  What cover are you going crazy over this week?

Cleo :)


  1. I love this cover! I agree with you, the simplicity and the way the colors pop on the white both catch my eye. The butterfly looks so fragile and it looks like it is in danger. That makes me want to read the book and see what danger the main character is in.

  2. I love the white background with the blue/green butterfly. It is just so beautiful.

  3. This is such a cool cover. I agree with your analysis.

    Reading Lark's Cover Crazy

  4. I love the cover. Especially the negative space and the pop of blue from the butterfly. Great choice.


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