Monday, February 7, 2011

Random Bits & Pieces

Guess what I'm reading next???  THE SUMMONING by Kelley Armstrong!  Woo hoo!!  I've started it and have gotten half way through... It's pretty addicting so far :)  It was actually a tie between XVI, The Summoning, and Harry Potter...  But then some of you guys put a few of the books as your votes so they were kind of like a tie breaker :) 

Thanks a lot if you voted!!! You guys really chose a great book :D

I know I've probably said this a lot... But I'm really trying to write reviews!  I think the problem for the lack of reviews is 1) school (of course hahaha) and 2) I've been reading sooooooo many books lately, that I have a million of reviews to do at once :/  I think that after I finish my reading pile, I'm going to stop reading for a while and just finish up all the reviews that I need to be working on. 

In the meantime, enjoy some awesome music from Snow Patrol.

Weren't they awesome?  Wasn't the music video totally awesome even though they probably broke like a hundred traffic laws?  Hahaha.  I love Gary Lightbody's voice...

Anyways... Have a great and awesome week!!!  And I pinky promise at least one review this week.  If not you can get your pitchfork's out hahaha :D

Cleo :)


  1. Love that song and video. I hope you enjoy the remainder of that series. It's one of my favourites!


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