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Review: Sound

Title: Sound
Author: Shelley Workinger
Date Released: November 1st, 2012
Pages: 218
Rating: 4 out of 5


Clio Kaid's had one crazy summer.

After learning she was one of a hundred teens who were genetically modified before birth, she and the others departed for "camp" at a classified military site.

Besides discovering her own special ability, uncovering a conspiracy, and capturing a killer, she's also forged new friendships, found love, and managed to lose them both.

With no answers and the end of summer closing in, Clio's terrified of going home more lost than when she arrived.

Will she finally find everything she's been looking for?

Find out in this exciting conclusion to the Solid trilogy.


Sound continues several weeks after the end of Settling, in which A LOT of stuff happened.  The protagonist, Clio, is still at the camp that she was put in for a couple weeks, but eventually became a whole summer camp, and now they have extended it to become a whole year thing in order to fully develop and analyze the powers that the special kids like Clio seem to have.

Even though everything seems fine since Clio and her gang of friends have been able to get rid of two threats, evil is still lurking in the background when a major coincidence unsettles Clio.  Not only does Clio have to deal with this new possible threat, but she also has to deal with the friendships she lost during the course of Settling.

The final novel in the trilogy was a fantastic ending because it still maintained the mystery and suspense that all the previous novels had and had a rather cute ending to tie it all up.  I will say that I felt that this one did not have as much action as the previous ones and was mostly based around conversations over the coincidence and possible theories or it was Clio trying to patch things up with her friends and reestablish the friendships/relationships with the people she cared about.  The climax of the novel felt rather short, too and I wish that the book could have been a little bit longer.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Sound and seeing how everything would play out in the end for Clio and her friends, as well as what will happen to the camp.  The ending was super adorable with all of them making plans to stay in touch, especially since they're practically all of the world with the addition of Angus who is from Australia.  If you're looking for a book that involves suspense and people with superpowers, which is surprisingly not all that common in the young adult genre, then definitely try the Solid trilogy!

Cover Review:

I like how the cover has a consistent color that pops out against the black background.  However, I'm not totally sure as to what the main picture is on the center of the cover.  It looks like people against some sort of light thing, but it's hard to tell and looks a bit abstract.

Cleo :)

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