About Us

  • My name is Cleo
  • I like to read, but I don't like library books, unless they're brand new (I know, it's a bad trait to have when you love reading). 
  • I don't like feet either.
  • I LOVE the beach <3
  • I lived in China for 3 1/2 years (it was awesome)
  • I have two dogs which I absolutely love.  Unfortunately, one of them is still in China :(
  • I like to use smiley faces to express myself because sometimes I'm not sure if the other person will mistake the tone of voice that I'm using.  So, if I use a smiley face in one of my posts, it's just so that you know how I feel :)
  • I LOVE BORDERS REWARDS!!! It's how I get most of my books, and they always give coupons... and it's free to sign up for!! It's totally worth it.
  • My favorite show:  SUPERNATURAL!! OMG DEAN WINCHESTER! (faints...)  I had this obsession in 8th grade over him (actually it was the actor... Jensen Ackles...) and me and my friend made a cake for his birthday... it was awesome :)
  • I. love. CUPCAKES!!!


  • Yo! my name's MarMar
  • um how to start...well...i'm asian :)
  • becus i'm asian, you may also assume i'm a nerd. its kind of a package deal.
  • obviously i FREAKING LOVE to read or else i wouldnt be taking part in a book blog.
  • i prefer having my own books since then you can read them again and again while with library books you forget cus you can't keep them forever. plus they smell funny
  • if you haven't noticed yet, red & black are my fave fave colors :D
  • music = life. i would die without my ipod
  • i like to dancee. outrageously and spontaneously and passionately
  • i lived in china for like 2 years and it was pretty sweeeet. met Cleo and Baylee there who've both just about made my life cus theyre just plain AWESOME like that :D
  • summer rocks - prancing around in your backyard like theres no tomorrow
  • winter is kewl too though becus it mean snow and no school and CHRISTMAS :)

And finallyyyyyy....

  • Sorry it's taken me so long to update this but Cleo finally found a way for me to write on this page!
  • I am ___ years old. Make up your own number. It's more fun that way (;
  • I love colors. But I love pictures that are in black and white or sepia.
  • I love books. Obviously. 
  • I can be terribly lazy sometimes. 
  • Cleo is my closest friend I love her she's like my twin sister! We met in China :D
  • Margaret is the same personality type as me and I love her to death she is just so dang spunky!
  • And I hope you guys check out my book blog I'm running a bit slow right now but I PROMISE I will add some more reviews and a few contests for you guys soon! 
Have an awesome book filled life~! <3