Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cover Release: The Immortal Rules!

IT HAS ARRIVED!!  And it's totally cool and awesome!  It's just sooo flippin awesome! It's making me even more excited for it's release!  The cover is like completely creepy with the blood dripping down her face, but insanely cool at the same time. 

Also, I woke up this morning and immediately went to MTV Hollywood Crush as fast as I could to see it, and I only saw a little bit of it because then I had to go to school, but it looked amazing in the little snippet that they showed.

Also, did anyone notice on the bottom that it says "Includes an excerpt from the next Iron Fey novel"?  Is that supposed to be the spin-off?  Because I think there's supposed to be a spin-off... Right?

Anyways... Look for this awesome cover on shelves on April 24th, 2012!

Cleo :)

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