Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2012 Sophomore Reading Challenge!

For next year, I've decided to participate in another challenge along with the Debut Author Challenge.  The Sophomore Reading Challenge hosted by Chick Loves Lit really sounded like a good idea because this year I did read a lot of really good Debut Author books that were the first in a series, and I'll definitely be reading their sequels, so why not participate in this challenge? 

You only need to read at least 10 YA/MG sophomore novels.  It can be the second in a series, a standalone from the author, or the beginning of a new series. 

Some of the books that I have on my list so far are:
Are you up for the challenge?  Umm... I'm pretty excited!  I can't wait for any of these books to come out!  Come on 2012 and move along a little faster, please!  Some people are a little impatient ;)

Cleo :)

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