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Review: Strange Angels

Title: Strange Angels
Author: Lili St. Crow
Date Released: May 14, 2009
Pages: 293
Rating: 4.9999 out of 5

Dru Anderson has been “strange” for as long as she can remember. She travels from town to town with her father, hunting the things that go bump in the night and eat the unwary. It’s a weird life, but a good one–until it all explodes and a zombie busts into her new house.

Alone, terrified, and trapped in an icy town, Dru’s going to need every inch of her wit and training to stay alive. Can she trust the boy who is just a little too adult–and just happens to get bit by a werwulf? Or the strange blue-eyed boy who tells her she’s heir to a long-forgotten power? Can she even trust her own instincts?

Because Dru is not the first in her family to be killed by the darkness of the Real World. The monsters have decided to hunt back–and now Dru has to figure out who to trust, who to fight, and when to run. And not incidentally, she has to figure out how she’s going to get out of this alive.

And she has to do it by sundown, or it’s all over…


Four words: I. LOVED. THIS. BOOK. I actually read it quite a while ago but I felt the urge to spread the word about this freaking awesome book.

I loved the fact that Dru was different from the damsels from every other supernatural novel. She's got the guts. She's got the attitude. She's got the spunk and strength and depth that all other girls from most other novels lack. Dru Anderson is a fighter, and she helps her dad track the supernatural that puts humans in danger when the novel opens.

The beginning was admittedly a little bit tedious but I liked it anyway, what with such a change of a character with toughness. And besides I could kind of relate to the complaints of Dru due to the constant moving, having moved twice myself and knowing that more would've been a lot rougher for Dru. But believe me, the action starts and once it starts, it never stops. You never know what's out there and what's going to happen next, but it doesn't seem to be anything good, and it keeps you tense. Once you start the book, you don't put it down.

The development of the characters throughout the book are interesting too, most notably Graves when he gets pulled into the whirlpool of Dru's life. Dru herself changes as a main character, when her roots are ripped out beneath her and it made the novel even more interesting.

Even though this is probably one of my absolute favorite books, I couldn't give it a full 5, because, well it was a bit short. It doesn't feel very short at all, but I know Lili St. Crow is already coming out with a 4th novel, and I think if she combined the some of the plots together to make a thicker book, they would've been more of a success. Because I don't know about the rest of you, but I love a great novel filled with action that I can read for maybe a week.

Anyway, great read, amazing book, pick it up next time for an engaging story and a girl who can definitely be the perfect role model. thanks soooooo much to Cleo for suggesting this book for me!

Cover Review:

The cover is simple: Dru standing, hair whipped around, pretty much glaring out of the book. What appealed to me though was the the quote at the top: DRU ANDERSON. Night Hunter. Knife Thrower. Heart Breaker. THAT got me opening the book and start scrambling through it. Two thumbs up! d(^o^)b

margaret signing off!

keep reading folks!

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