Sunday, August 5, 2012

While I've Been MIA For the Past 2 Weeks, I've Been

1.  Trying to get through these three summer reading books for school.  I still have two more to go  through... And one of them's Shakespeare :(  Luckily, I have my trusty Cinnamoroll to get me through them :D

2.  Reading It's Kind of a Funny Story.  I really like it, but because of my summer reading books, I've been reading it for the past 2 weeks (which is a REALLY LONG time).

3.  At Yearbook Camp.  Last week, I spent the week in Malibu at Yearbook Camp, which was nice and all, but the walking was dreadful and the dorms were scary >.<

4.  Freaking out about getting my driver's license.  Which I passed!  But it was still scary.  And I've only driven by myself once, which was only to a friends house 5 blocks away.

5.  At a signing to meet the one and only, Chris Colfer!  This was the coolest thing ever!  Even though we just said Hi and How are you? because the line was crazy long and he came an hour late AND he had to be at the airport in like 3 hours.  It was crazy, but COOL!

That's basically all that's happened.  And while this was all happening, I was freaking out about how I had not posted anything and how I failed the 30 Day Divergent Challenge because I only got to the 22nd or 23rd post and then completely stopped.  It's funny how it seems so easy when you look at it, and how it gets harder and harder to keep up with it.  Note to self, never do a challenge like this ever again because I will fail (I was seriously contemplating over whether or not to do The Hunger Games Challenge... But I guess I'm not going to now.)

Expect to see a couple reviews for books like Second Chance Summer and Monument 14 to come out within at least this week (hopefully) as well as a Cover Crush tomorrow and maybe a Waiting on Wednesday!

Cleo :)

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