Wednesday, April 4, 2012

All Things Asian Event!

So, this event actually started on Monday (April 2nd) and I really wanted to write a post about it, because not only am I interviewed and wrote a guest post, it's a pretty cool event overall celebrating all things Asian in young adult literature. The event is hosted by Julia at That Hapa Chick, Lucia at iLiveiLaughiLoveBooks, and Izzy from My Words Ate Me, so go check it out!! They're even having a really cool giveaway where you can win one of several books written by an Asian author or contains Asian characters! xD

Lucia from iLiveiLaughiLoveBooks wrote this little list of Asian stereotypes on her blog so I thought I'd share it with you because it's pretty clever... Although I don't follow half of those stereotypes so I guess I'm not really Asian ;) I'll bold the ones that I actually do follow.

Are you Asian? Are you not Asian, but think you should've been born Asian? If the majority of the following statements apply to you, then you're probably Asian! 
You wear glasses.You eat rice for most meals.You keep a straight-A report card. Anything else would result in disownment.You have your sights set on Harvard. Anything else would result in family dishonor.  You play piano. Or violin. Or both.You listen to k-pop.Sushi? Raw fish? BRING IT ON.Speed limits are trivial things.You tark Engrish rike this.You often say "Too expensive!!!" or "I'll wait until it is cheaper."Pokemon is your life.Chopsticks are basically extensions of your fingers.Your email address ends in an "8."You have anime marathons. (Sleep? What's that?)
I will say that the most astonishing thing is that I can't use chopsticks properly.  It's pretty embarrassing :/  And my parents aren't that hardcore about Harvard, but I guess it'd be nice hehe :D

I hope that you check out the event that the three lovely bloggers put together and check out my interview and guest post when they're published, which I think is on My Words Ate Me some day soon... So look out for that!

Cleo :)

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  1. I'm Chinese too but only 6 of that list apply to me as well, substituting Oxbridge for Harvard (although I guess Harvard would be cool, I don't know if I really want to go all the way over to the other side of the Atlantic for university...) and scrapping the disownment and family dishonour parents aren't really pushy either.
    Anyway this sounds like a great event - hooray for celebrating all things asian!
    I really like your blog by the way, new follower :)


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