Sunday, July 31, 2011

Whoa!!! 1 Week Till Blogoversary??

Boy does time fly!!!  We only have 1 week (1 WEEK!!!) till our first blogoversary!!  I literally had no idea that it was coming so fast!  In honor of August 7th, the first birthday of Booklopedia, we will have a giveaway!  Soooooo, keep your eyes peeled for that :D  We're just in the process of getting it together since it's our first giveaway and we kind have no clue of what we need* in order for it to be a success... 

Also, thank goodness for the blogoversary widget on our sidebar because then I probably would have completely forgotten about our blogoversary which would have been very shameful...

Hahaha anyways, hope you guys have an excellent week!! Tomorrow's the first day of August! Woo hoo!! That means more days until school starts for me!  Hip hip hooray!

Cleo :)

*Hahaha obviously we know we need to have the prize because it is a giveaway, and what kind of giveaway would it be without the prize?

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