Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reviews: The House of Night

Okay so since I have quite a few books to review from The House of Night Series I'll be combining them all into one post. So here are the reviews for Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, and Hunted! Enjoy!

Title: Betrayed
Author: P.C. and Kristin Cast
Date Released: October 2, 2007
Pages: 310
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Review: In this book, Zoey's potential powers, as well as her vampyre abilities become stronger. However, she also becomes attracted to both her ex-boyfriend Heath and her current vampyre boyfriend Erik. I liked how Zoey, as the main character, wasn't perfect and had some major flaws - i.e. her indecisive boy trouble. I also liked how the authors incorporated Aphrodite's background and gradually changed her from an antagonist in the first novel to almost an ally in the second. The changing role of the antagonist was rather surprising too, considering drastic change compared to how she was portrayed in the first novel (I won't give anything away - you'll have to read the book to find out :) However some things just happened too...perfectly, so it took away from some of the mystery of the novel. There was also some unnecessary...umm....sexual? stuff that happened that was really weird and took away from the book. I also wished the author's had gone more in depth with Neferet's background that's mentioned in the beginning of the novel and isn't referenced at all for the rest of the series so far. Overall though, it was still quite addicting and offered suspense and drama and I still enjoyed it.

Title: Chosen
Authors: P.C. and Kristin Cast
Date Released: March 4, 2008
Pages: 307
Rating: 3.75 out of 5
Review: Compared to the two previous books, this one was much more dramatic. Everything was brought to new levels, along with an actual considerably suspenseful plotline. There were shockers and twists in the plotline that you wouldn't expect which I give credit to the authors for - I love the unexpected in a book. However, I started really disliking Zoey in this book in the middle - seriously? Flirting with three guys at once? Get a grip girl! She was becoming rather selfish and it annoyed me. Though by the end of the novel, there was a good cliffhanger and Zoey had somewhat redeemed herself in her reflection of her actions, along with her dedication to her best friend. Some of the dialogue was getting really cheesy and the authors seriously need a better editor - there were loads of mistakes name and grammar wise, but it still contained good suspense and not too much repetitiveness, and along with the suspenseful plotline, it ended up being a considerably good novel.

Title: Untamed
Author: P.C. and Kristin Cast
Date Released: September 23, 2008
Pages: 338
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Review: From the start, I liked how the novel was different from the previous two, because for the first time in a LONG while, Zoey didn't have any guys in her life! :O It was actually a relief, as it allowed more time for her to reflect on herself and on more important matters (i.e. saving the world, of course) rather than whining and worrying about boys boys boys all the time. Not that boys are bad, but they take up too much of the series for my taste. However, by this novel, I felt that Zoey's friends weren't really developed characters and were really shallow - they forgave her way too quickly and they talk in this really cliche (cleeshay? clishee?) way. It gets rather annoying after a while. And then a new character Stark is introduced and its ANOTHER guy in Zoey's life who's magically instantly attracted to her. Sheesh. HOWEVER on a more positive note, I liked how this book encompassed a wider range of events - that it wasn't just the House of Night being affected, but possibly the whole world. There's a more adventurous and mystery theme that I enjoyed, along with another thrilling cliffhanger. All in all, I still liked this book, with its pros and its cons.

Title: Hunted
Authors: P.C. and Kristin Cast
Date Released: March 3, 2009
Pages: 323
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Review: Honestly, I didn't really enjoy this book. It picked up where it left off and by this point things were getting really repetitive: Zoey flirting with quite a few boys AGAIN, along with quite a lot of other mushy stuff, and her group being in trouble, but NOTHING HAPPENING. This novel basically is only two days, and a lot of nothing-but-rambling-and-nonsense happens in the first half. There is sooooo much potential these books could have! Especially this one, with Kalona and the Raven Mockers from the legends appearing, but the authors don't take these ideas far enough. I want to know more about the religion of Nyx, the adult vampyre world, of the peril the world is in and how Zoey will save it! Not her boy trouble chapter in and chapter out. I also realized this book is missing a critical element to great books - comic relief. I think the author's kind of try, but it ends up just being shallow. By the end of the book though, things were picking up so I enjoyed it more towards that point. There were some great actions sequences along with intense plots that were great. The ending did seem rather typical again though. (I'm sorry I'm basically whining about this book....) Anyway I'm just getting tired of this series....it's getting a bit old. Definitely points for the cover though - I thought it was really cool. Like poster in my bedroom worthy :)

keep on reading fellow book geeks!



  1. Good idea reviewing the whole series at once!(:
    I have all the books of this series, up to hunted. But I always find myself struggling to read them. I dont think their boring but it feels like the samething over and over again. They have to open the circle to either get help or strength, then close it back up again. So the action wasnt that great, but the romance was pretty AWESOME, who knew a girl could have three boys all at once?
    Im about to start reading Hunted so I hope more happens between Zoey and Erik!:D
    Great review though!(:

  2. haha thanks i'm glad you enjoyed it! :) and i do have to agree at times about the boy thing xD the story did get a bit tedious so im kinda giving up but i do hear that starting from Tempted it picks up a bit, so i might start them again if i feel like it :)


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