Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MarMar's Mini-Review: The Summer I Turned Pretty

I remember seeing Cleo's review for this book a long time ago (which you can check out by clicking here) and then I saw it at my school's library and decided to pick it up. It was kind of weird, cus usually I read that kind of dark, brooding, adventurous type of novel and this one look really...well...girly. But OMG. IT WAS AMAZING. I finished it in about one day (just now actually) because it simply sucked my in. It was one of those novels you read and read and looked up and realized hours had passed without you noticing.

I loved how down to heart and realistic Belly's perspective was. She wasn't a girly girl like I kind of suspected from the cover - she was, well, more of the dork we all are :) Which made her quite awesome. As awesome as her nickname, which I loved. Belly. Teehee ^^ And no matter what happened, the story never got boring. Usually you think it would, because all Belly really does is live in the beach house and you wouldn't think much could happen, but this was jam-packed. I really liked how the author incorporated Belly's past summers in flashbacks, as this served to explain things without Belly herself actually launching into too-long, boring lectures about her life. I also liked how even though the guys were a huge part of Belly's life, it wasn't like she obsessed over them a lot - she had her own thoughts and other concerns like any other person. Personally, I loved Jeremiah the most as the funny, friendly, always-catch-you-when-you-fall guy and really wished Belly realized how he could be both potentially her best friend AND more. Conrad was more of the typical dark, brooding, mysterious man, and Belly ending up with him seemed so typical. And Cam was cute - I liked his "straight-edge" ness. Anyhoo, loved it, 5 stars for sure! Reading it made me crave summer and the beach....:) And I definitely can't wait to pick up the sequel. For those who haven't checked this book out yet, definitely do so. :D

keep on reading fellow book geeks!



  1. I love this book! I think the second one was a little blah, but I'm totally looking forward to the third one! :)

    Aryelle @ ReadingwiththeFishes

  2. Wow! I just finished this one today at school, and my friend Nick, who sits next to me, was making fun of the title!
    Honesty this is one of my favorite books now, not only did it contain the romantic parts which I loved, but also the meaning of family and friendship.
    Sadly Belly Button ( lol... belly button) didnt pick Jermiah, like I hoped she would, but a lot can happen in a trilogy (;
    But I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!(:

  3. haha omg i still need to read the second one...i hope its good...don't give anything away!
    and i totally agree with you lisa! i loved jeremiah and im rooting that she better change her mind throughout the books! TEAM JEREMIAH xD

  4. Yes!! Team Jeremiah!! I loved Jeremiah in The Summer I Turned Pretty but I love him even more in It's Not Summer Without You! And I totally know how you feel about craving the summer after reading these books. When I first read it, I went on a rampage looking for other summer books to fill the void!! As summer-y as this book was, it was emotion too. The perfect book! I'm so anxious to read the third book!


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