Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Couple Giveaways Here and There

Hey guys!

There are two giveaways that I've found, and the first one has been around for a while, so you probably have already heard of it.  But if not, here's one: Back to School Giveaway Bash at Reading Teen!  In the giveaway, there are a bunch of books and a lot of ARCs.  The giveaway ends September 14th, so hurry up and head on over there :)

There's also one at Shut Up! I'm Reading called a Contest of Epic Proportions, which I'm guessing is pretty BIG!  There are tons of books on the list that you can win, and they might be adding more :D This one ends on October 17th, so you still have a while to sign up for it.

Cleo :)

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