Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cleo's Mini Review: The Hunger Games

I've been thinking, since three of us are writing our opinions on books on one blog, and we tend to read the same books sometimes and want to get each and one of our opinions out, I have decided that we'll have Mini Reviews, where we just put our opinion into a shorter condensed version :D 

Today, I'm doing The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, which MarMar has already wrote a review on.

I think that I have been living under a rock or something because I never even thought about picking up this book.  I finished The Hunger Games yesterday and thought it was amazing, just as Marmar has said.  I loved the intensity, action and suspense of this book.  Some things were sort of predictable, but the rest was unpredictable and totally shocked me.  Basically, I love, love, looooved it!  And so far... I guess I'm Team Peeta?  Gale didn't appear as much (MarMar's Team Gale) so I don't really know... but I guess I'll have to get Catching Fire to find out for sure!!!

Cleo :)

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