Friday, March 29, 2013

Starstruck: Cassandra Clare

When I found out that Cassandra Clare was going to be at The Grove in Los Angeles, I HAD to go.  After missing her when she was in San Diego, I made sure that I got to see her the next time she came around.

I can't say that this event was a huge success because 1) There were a TON of people.  Probably because Lily Collins was there, and the book is turning into a movie 2) I had to wait outside, because either way, if I waited inside I wouldn't have been able to see her Q&A session since there were a ton of bookshelves in the way and 3) I didn't get a picture with her, or of her, because the event was super controlled.  So, I was a little bummed, but it was still pretty fun because I brought one of my friends with me and we just roamed around The Grove looking for food :)

I will say though that I had a super starstruck moment.  Cassandra Clare asked me what my favorite character was when she was signing my book and I was all like "Favorite character?" like I didn't understand her.  Then I finally got to my senses and told her that it's too hard to choose and she agreed with me.  It was pretty embarrassing though.

Me & my friend in front of the tour poster.
I'm hoping that when she's back for the L.A. Times Festival of Books, I'll be able to get a picture with her.  It'll probably be the same turn out since this event is much more open to the public (not to mention it's free), but I will keep trying until I do!

Cleo :)

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