Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mini Reviews

First, a mini story:  I orginally posted this post on Wednesday.  But then, Blogger sort of stopped working and then totally unposted this post, and deleted the stuff that I wrote on Wednesday for this post!!  So, now I have to think about what I wrote and make sure that it satisfies me ALL OVER AGAIN -.-  So not amused...

Now onto the real stuff: I'm doing some mini reviews again because I've finished all these books while I've been studying for my exam [I know, I know... It's not a very good mix hahaha]. Because I've finished all these really good books, I've kind of fallen behind on writing reviews :/  Sooooo, here comes some mini reviews!!!

Title: An Abundance of Katherines
Author: John Green
Date Released: September 21st, 2006
Pages: 256
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

This is my first ever John Green book, and it was really great :D  I found myself laughing a lot because it was pretty hilarious, especially Colin (the main character) and his friend Hassan.  Colin was definitely an interesting character since he is a child prodigy (not a genius) and has had 19 girlfriends all named Katherine.  All the characters were really different and diverse in the personalities which made it fun to read.  The only part that I didn't like was all the confusing math stuff... I couldn't really follow with what Colin was always talking about when it came to his Theorem of Underlying Katherine Predictability (as you can tell, I'm not very big on math... math class alone is enough math for me!).  But one other thing was really great about this book were the footnotes!  I've never really seen them in a novel, unless they're in really, really old books or textbooks, but they really add to the story and they're like little sidenotes :)  They were really funny!  Overall, this was a pretty great book, and if you're looking for a funny read, with a little confusion when it comes to Colin's Theorem, then look no further!  It's right here.

Title: Glimmerglass
Author: Jenna Black
Date Released: May 25th, 2010
Pages: 294
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

I really wanted to really, really like this one, but to me, it just didn't have that "wow" effect on me when I was done, because usually when I finish reading a book, I think about A LOT for a little while, and just take in what I've read.  It wasn't horrible, because I like fairy books and the creativity that authors put into their writing, and Jenna Black certainly did that with using Avalon as the setting and creating different types of fairies while still using some of the traditional fairies like Queen Mab and Tatiana.  I think that the thing that I didn't like too much was that there was sort of a lot going on, even though there was one main issue: Everyone wanted Dana (the main character) because she is a Fairiewalker.  But under this one issue, comes a whole bunch different events that were a little too much in 294 pages.  One thing that kept me reading on was Ethan :)  He kind of reminded me of Will from Clockwork Angel because he was sort of cocky, if that's the right word to describe him.  He was pretty funny, too.  Dana was kind of annoying though :/  She definitely has guts but she'd always be regretting what she did which got a little annoying after a while.  Other than those things that I mentioned before, I liked this book and I'll definitely be getting the next book Shadowspell because it's already out!

Title: Peeps
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Date Released:
Pages: 304
Rating: 4 out of 5

Peeps was definitely a really cool book with a VERY different twist on vampires.  I couldn't really see the peeps as vampires really, because Cal always talked about parasites instead actual vampires if you get what I mean, but it was definitely really cool and probably took A LOT of thought to create this new set of vampires.  One thing that I wasn't the biggest fan of was that sometimes I couldn't really follow up on his revelations about the parasite as the book moved on (As you can see... I'm not very good at taking in a lot of information at one time).  However, I found everything else thoroughly interesting.  The characters were really cool, especially Cal because who doesn't like a kick-butt character?  Overall, this was a really cool book!  It had such a cool twist on vampires and was very entertaining.  At this point, I'm not totally sure if I'm going to go ahead and read The Last Days because it has totally different characters, and I really liked Cal and Lace in Peeps

Hope you enjoyed these mini reviews!

Cleo :)

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